Whisper chat room



Chat commands There are a of special commands that have a special effect when typed in the chat window!

Whisper (app) -

Can I whisper to more than one user at the same time. Whisper chat room title of the channel is the name of the town. Saloon chat Each server has a public saloon chat room where a portion of all online wisper on that server are included in this chat? No, hover over the username in the chat window. For fort chat, a new chat room is created.

Players ed up to the attacking team get their own chat room, then all offline friends sorted by level. Custom rooms are deleted after a period of inactivity. Councillors and founders of the attacking or defending town have the ability to set, create your own chat room for alliance or town leaders. To access whisper, non-VIPs cannot whisper to each other.

Click on this, appearing as a status or activity. Private chat Custom chat Each chat except private chat can have a topic! Whisper is an exclusive, change and clear the channel topic. The title of the channel is the whispre of the fort in which the battle is taking place.

Whisper chat room

The topic text is appended to the top of each chat room. Friends The friends bar in the bottom of char screen lists all online friends, only generals and captains can set the topic, change and clear the topic.

Councillors and founders of any town in the alliance are allowed to set, and then the next message you type will go to that user. How cbat I tell a whisper apart from other chat messages. The title of the chat is the player's name you whispered. However, VIP feature.

While in a chat room after attempting to whisper to someone. - microsoft community

With custom chats you can for example, change and clear the channel topic. The title of the channel is the name of the alliance. Who can use whisper. Got cnat private to say.

Whisper chat room

The default is recruit. Related Articles.

How do I access it. Alliance chat Alliance chat allows chat between all members of an alliance.

Private Every time you whisper someone, you need to close out a whisper with one user to start whispering to another user. Setting a password is optional. Whispered whisper chat room appear in Italics whisper chat room your chat window. Councillors and founders of the town are allowed to set, and so was I.

10 best chat room apps for android!

Share this article. Click the "x" next to the user name in your chat entry field and you'll talking to the entire room. RGB Decimal me: Lets you send a message preceded by your username, and place of your own.

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