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2018 Suzuki Car Price List
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Last UpdateFebruary, 2019
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2018 Suzuki Car Price List

We have a collection of suzuki car prices for all the variants you can find on the market. Among the suzuki car prices that we present below is Car suzuki celerio, suzuki ignis, suzuki Ertiga, suzuki baleno, suzuki swift, suzuki new sx4, suzuki sx4 cross, suzuki vitara, suzuki ciaz, suzuki jimny and suzuki apv. The price of suzuki cars of all these variants, we serve complete in the price table of suzuki cars we have provided below.

Suzuki Ignis >> See Full Specs
IGNIS GL MT Rp. 139.500.000,-
IGNIS GLX MT Rp. 159.500.000,-
IGNIS GLX AT Rp. 169.500.000,-
Suzuki APV >> See Full Specs
APV BLIND VAN Non AB Rp. 140.050.000,-
APV CH Rp 100,500,000,-
APV Box Rp 145.700.000,-
APV PICK UP Rp 130,750,000,-
APV PICK UP WD Rp 132,750,000,-
APV PICK UP FD PS Rp 137,250,000,-
APV BOX 1.5 Rp 145,700,000,-
APV PICK UP WD PS Rp 139,750,000,-
APV Airbag SGX LUX2 R17 – AT Rp 233,700,000,-
APV Airbag SGX LUX2 R17 – MT Rp 219,700,000,-
APV Airbag SGX LUX2 R15 – AT Rp 229,700,000,-
APV Airbag SGX LUX2 R15 – MT Rp 215,700,000,-
APV Airbag SGX – AT Rp 211,000,000,-
APV Airbag SGX Rp 196,500,000,-
APV Airbag GX Rp 194,000,000,-
APV Airbag GL Rp 181,500,000,-
APV Airbag APV GE2 – PS Rp 174,000,000,-
APV Airbag BLIND VAN 1.5 Rp 143,750,000,-
Suzuki Celerio >> See Full Specs
Celerio Celerio-CVT Rp 168,700,000,-
Celerio Celerio-MT Rp 156,700,000,-
Suzuki Ciaz >> See Full Specs
Ciaz 1.4 AT Rp 291,800,000,-
Ciaz 1.4 MT Rp 281,700,000,-
Suzuki Ertiga >> See Full Specs
Ertiga Dreza Ertiga Dreza GS – AT Rp 239,500,000,-
Ertiga Dreza Ertiga Dreza GS – MT Rp 226,900,000,-
Ertiga Dreza Ertiga Dreza AT Rp 232,500,000,-
Ertiga Dreza Ertiga Dreza MT Rp 219,900,000,-
New Ertiga Airbag GL AT Rp 215,000,000,-
New Ertiga Airbag GL MT Rp 202,500,000,-
New Ertiga Airbag GA Rp 186,000,000,-
New Ertiga Airbag ABS GX AT Rp. 226.500.000,-
New Ertiga Airbag ABS GX MT Rp. 214.000.000,-
Suzuki Vitara >> See Full Specs
New Grand Vitara 2.4 2.4 MT Rp 360,650,000,-
New Grand Vitara 2.4 2.4 AT Rp 371,650,000,-
Suzuki Swift >> See Full Specs
Swift All New Swift GS AT Rp 235,600,000,-
Swift All New Swift GS MT Rp 226,600,000,-
Swift GX 1.4 MT Rp 211,500,000,-
Swift GX 1.4 AT Rp 220,500,000,-
Suzuki SX4 >> See Full Specs
NEW SX4 S-CROSS MT Rp 249.000.000,-
NEW SX4 S-CROSS AT Rp 261.850.000,-

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