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Ways to Rub a Car With Super Powerful and Easy Kit
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Ways to Rub a Car With Super Powerful and Easy Kit

How to Car WashAs car owner, of course caring for the car is necessary, especially if the car you have often used every day. So if not done care and examination of conditions with routine can cause the performance of the car to be not optimal which makes driving feel bad. Not only the engine and components in it that require maintenance, car body also needs to be done routine maintenance so it remains in good condition and interesting.

Car body care done with the aim to make the car body look shiny at all times so much better to see. To polish car paint, you do not have to bother to take it to the car salon. Currently car body care can be done at home with tools and materials available on the market so it can save more expenses. One of the products that people often use today to polish car bodies is the Kit. This product is available in several types, ranging from soap, polish, and others. Here are some types of Kit products you can use along with its advantages.

How To Car Rubs With Kits

1. KIT Wash & Glow

This car shampoo is enriched with Premium Polymer content which can protect the paint and keep the car body shiny all the time. Supported with a pH balance formula so it is safe to use on any type of car car and will not erode the coating of your car paint. Very soft will not even cause spots or freckles on the car paint. Can clean any dirt from dust, smoke, oil, oil, and others and easy to rinse.

2. Wash & Wax Kit

This product is a shampoo combined with premium wax that can provide multiple benefits, namely washing well as well as polish the car so it looks cleaner and show the “wet look” is longer. Very effective for cleaning dust, car smoke, oil, and others. This product is also safe to use every day and safe for all kinds of car paint.

3. Kit Protectant

This product serves as a protection. This product is an easy and effective and safe way to clean, polish and protect the exterior to the interior of your car made of plastic, rubber, and vinyl from the risk of cracking and fading caused by heat and UV rays. The formula in this product contains UV Guard which can make the dust become not easily attached and easy to clean. Can even give a fresh scent on the part of your car. Suitable for routine use though.

4. Rubbing Compund Kit

How to crubs a Car With a Kit With heavy duty formula and premium carnauba wax and materials with strong abrasive properties that are effective in smoothing paint surfaces and uneven lacquer layers. In addition, this product can also remove deep scratches and oxidized paint.

5. Auto Glass Cleaner Kit

Can be used to clean the car glass that is on the outside or inside. Able to remove dirt and dust that stick to oil without leaving traces. Its content is free of ammonia so it is very safe for window film and effectively prevent the occurrence of mold on the car windshield.

6. Original Paste Wax Kit

How to crubs a Car With a Kit by using a wax product, This wax product contains carnauba wax which can remove fine scratches, clean the oxidized paint and even restore from the original luster of your car paint.

7. Kt Paste Wax Restorative

With heavy duty formula with premium carnauba wax and abrasive materials that have a strong enough power capability and able to remove scratches on the car paint layer and able to restore the original color of the car paint so it looks like new.

Well that was some Kit products that you can use to care for and polish your car paint. The following will explain more about the steps to make the car look shiny by using Kit products.

Step by step

1. Wash Car Routinely

The first thing you can do is to wash the car regularly, you just do it once a week to keep the condition clean and shiny. Use Kit Shampoo products to suit your needs. No need to worry about using this shampoo product too often because it is safe for all types of paint your car.

Before going to wash the car, make sure if the car is cold. Put your vehicle in the shade, it would be better if you do the washing in the morning or evening. This is because the heat during the day will make the water or soap to dry quickly that will cause marks on the body of the car. Clean the dirt and dirt on the car first.

After that you just wash your car body as a whole. Once it is cleaned immediately rinse by using clean water. Do not be too long to let the soap dry on the body of your car that even imprint on the coat of your car paint. After that dry by using microfiber in a way to spin so that the dirt is really lifted.

2. Use Protectant To Protect Cat

After the condition of the car body is felt clean and dry, then you can use protectant to protect your car paint. Use a protectant kit on all components made from rubber, plastic, and vinyl evenly. So that later can be maintained and durable despite exposed to sunlight continuously. In addition, the use of this product will also avoid the risk of cracks that can occur in your car components.

3. Cleaning the Car Glass

Not only the car body parts that must be cleaned, but you also need to pay attention to the look of your car glass. You can use the product Auto Glass Cleaner Kit, this product you can use on the outside glass or glass inside. Use this product to clean the glass from dust, dirt, to oil. You can use a soft cloth as a tool to help clean the car windshield.

So the glass still looks clean and shiny. Clean glass will certainly make the car look even more interesting again. You can use it every heart because this product is free of ammonia content and help mencegan the emergence of fungus in your car windshield.

4. Do Wax With Routine

Wax is used to restore the color of car paint that has faded even can help remove the fine scratches that sometimes disturb the appearance of your car. You can use the wax product from the Kit that is able to make the car paint look shiny again and new again. For the wax process, you can do it every 2 months or depending on the condition of your car paint layer.

No need to be afraid to use Kit Wax products because the content is safe enough for all types of car paint. But of course you have to be careful in this wax process, because the nature of wax abrasive (eroding the coat of paint) so that pelru pay attention to the dose of use.

Here is an explanation of How to Rub a Car With a Kit. Besides the advantages of the use of kit products is its price is quite cheap in the market even you can also easily find it in automotive stores. The content in it that is safe for all types of car paint makes many consumers who choose the Kit product as an option to care for the car to look clean and shiny at all times. The shiny car body of course will make driving even more fun. Hopefully the above information is useful for you.

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