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How To Take Care Of Car Batteries To Hold Last & Durable
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How To Take Care Of Car Batteries To Hold Last & Durable

Battery or batteries is one of the essential components of the car, Aki is the listro supplier required by the car to function properly and normally. And to get a battery condition that is always optimal, the car battery must be on guard with proper care. For that care you have to do periodically, and always pay attention to the existence of battery and supporting kompone. And so will be able to reduce the risk caused by car battery problems.

Caring Car Batteries

Generally, the battery life of the car is between 3 to 5 years. However, without good care and if not observed, the battery can only be used 1 or 2 years have menglami damage. Therefore, Here are some tips that must be considered in car care for the car battery so as not to quickly overwhelmed or soak. Compulsory read: Eliminate Berets On The Car Wheel.

Tips For Car Battery Awet

  1. Turn off Electronic Devices
    Reduce Car Auto Battery Expense – All you have to pay attention to is to make sure you have turned off all the features available on the car in general which in its use requires a direct power source and taken from the car battery when the car is turned off. Of course you know the features in the car that like what needs electrical intake. In the car, there are many features that require the intake of electric power to be used. For example, headlights, parking lights, brake lights, wipers, radio, tape or music and video devices, navigation devices and air blowers. If all the equipment is left on, not only the battery is drained, but also the electrical system of the car could be damaged. (Also Read: Easy Way to Clean the Car’s Velg: Chrome and Aluminum)
  2. Charge Aki If Car Will Be Left
    If you do not use the car for a long time, then you must make sure the car battery is fully charged. Do not let your car battery dry or lose power when you stay. Another recommended way would still heat up the car even though it is not used to keep the battery occupied.
  3. Avoid Corrosion On Battery
    Accu or car battery can also experience corrosion on the head. The most important cause of corrosion in the battery head is a spill or overflow of battery water that affects the metal part. Corrosion or rust on this battery is one factor that can lead to Age to use Car Battery becomes shorter. Therefore, clean the battery from corrosion in order to more durable car battery. You can clean it yourself, or ask a mechanic to clean it during routine service.
  4. Check Cable Conditions
    Good cable conditions will make the conductivity of electricity to be better, stable and perfect. If there is a peeling up, or a connection / link that is not strong, then the consumption of electricity will be higher and will certainly increase the load on your car battery. Even this is also very dangerous because it could cause short circuit and burning car. And if you do not use the car for a long time, you should remove the cables connected in the head of the car battery. Also Read: Ways to Rub a Car With Super Powerful and Easy Kit.

In addition, make sure also car battery has been installed in a steady position and not easily shake. Also check the drive belt on the dynamo of the well connected cas. Improper installation, too loose or too tight will make the battery is not fully loaded. That’s a positive tips that I can convey, hopefully useful.

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