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How to Set a Car Rear Disc Brake to Not Take Off Brakes

When you hear the word “Brake” maybe you can immediately imagine what the function of the word “brake” is. Yes, the word brake is no stranger to our ears. The brakes are one part of every vehicle whose function is to slow down the vehicle speed to zero, where your vehicle is either a car or a motor being in a total stop position.

In this opportunity, the author will discuss about the brake so that our knowledge increases. Brakes have a function to stop the kinetic force generated by a moving object.

The lost kinteic energy in an object will usually produce heat due to the occurrence of a friction. Before discussing more about the brakes, it would be nice to know the main components of the brake disc to make it faster without understanding the confusion.

releasing safety brake

How to Set Up the Rear Disc Brake

The physics formula for the brakes is E = ½ M x V2 which means that if the velocity of an object increases constantly twice, it has four times the energy and the brakes have to throw that energy four times to stop and the required distance is increased by four times the start of braking.

Each vehicle must have a different braking system each, whether it is a two-wheeled vehicle, four-wheel or more, all of them are made with full accuracy and safety are guaranteed in accordance with the standards.

However, in the use of the brakes are not always running smoothly or running maximally in accordance with our wishes, because in fact there are problems that arise along with the duration of use or the age of the vehicle brakes and no less important is the maintenance. This is often overlooked by the users of the vehicle so it is not uncommon to experience the brake off when driving.

For that you should know the cause of the car brake off because if you experience it, of course it will be very dangerous. Do not just rely on luck alone, but it would be nice to do things – things that are certain.

Speaking more widely about the brakes, this time the author will provide reviews or information about disc brakes. Specifically how to set the rear disc brakes so that the vehicle you use can be taken with a relaxed and assured safety, in addition to the anticipation of all the possibilities that occur.Namun you also need to know how to set the car’s hand brake to maximize the function of the braking. Also Read : Easy Way to Clean the Car’s Velg: Chrome and Aluminum

In this article I will discuss about how to set the rear disc brakes that will be reviewed more deeply, please refer to the following explanation:

1. Stage of Preparation

The preparation stage is the stage for providing the tools needed to tune the disc brakes. The tools in question are as follows:

  • Jack
  • Lock 21 or wheel lock
  • Lock 12 shock or stangrachet lock
  • Anti-rust to make it easier when removing the Drum
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • 12mm bolt 2 pcs.

2. Opening Stage Brake Drum

The next stage is the opening stage, which is by opening the brake Drum before the settle, consider the following explanation:

  • The first thing to do is loosen the rear wheel nut before lifting the body of the car, then please jack under it and raise the car body until its position does not touch the ground.
  • Secondly, please open the wheel nuts that have been relaxed then please open the rear wheels.
  • Third, after the wheel is completely open and in accordance with the desired position, please go into the cabin to free or even lower the hand brake.
  • Fourth, turn the Drum brake and spray the anti-rust liquid through a little gap that is on the wheel nut and wheel hub because usually the rust will appear between the drum brake with a wheel hub.
  • Fifth, please wait 2 to 3 minutes for the spray-proofed liquid to seep between the gaps of the wheel hub together with the Drum.
  • Sixth, please insert 12 mm bolt already prepared on 12 mm threaded hole then turn 12 clockwise bolt 12 with key so brake drum can be drawn out. Also Read: Ways to Rub a Car With Super Powerful and Easy Kit
  • Finally, remove the Drum and just open again the bolts used to be able to remove this brake drum.

3. Setup Stage

For the next stage how to set the rear disc brakes, the stage of setting the brake itself. The steps are as follows:

  • First, you must first check the brake pads, if less than 1 or 2 mm, you should replace it with a new one.
  • Second, set up a minus screwdriver and do the playback towards the top of the adjusting teeth will usually hear a click on when it’s playing, then count from 5 to 10 clicks, when played brake shoe setter will expand.
  • Third, insert the drum brake and janga forget to try the Drum part can enter easily, if not able to enter means the brake setting is too exit or too much tuning. If you experience this, please reduce some of the spin gear clicks by turning in reverse direction or turning downwards.
  • Fourth, reinsert the brake drum part and it should be spinning easily, because if it can not spin easily or the brake pad adjustment is too out.
  • Fifth, reinstall the wheel properly and tighten the wheel nuts and then re-enter the cabin and check how many clicks the sound of hand brake when pulled handbrake segment generally 6 to 7 clicks after adjustment of the brake on the back.
  • Process completed

This brake deficiency is not able to create heat during the transition of kinetic energy to heat energy. However, this brake has a hollow type, which can drain heat through the holes in the disc so heat is not trapped and allows the brakes more durable. Also Read: How To Take Care Of Car Batteries To Hold Last & Durable

Just as humans desperately need care for themselves, as well as with vehicles. Constraints on the brakes you can know starting from the characteristics of the car brake brake in the wind as a guide for you. Car disc brakes are one component that requires care. The goal is to keep the function running optimally in accordance with the standard.

But this is very often considered trivial by the owner of the vehicle. It is often necessary to check or care after an accident because the brakes have escaped or are not gripped at the time of use due to lack of care, which consequently may endanger the driver himself or others. For it is suggested to know the characteristics of the car brake lining up and keep doing routine maintenance.

It can be concluded that the article on how to set the rear disc brakes above that have been reviewed in detail and packed with interesting, is expected to help facilitate you in learning and understanding it more deeply.

So a brief discussion on how to set the rear disc brakes on the car, I hope the information that the authors say can be useful and can add insight and information about the automotive and of course as a reference for readers to simplify the settings of your vehicle disc brakes.

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