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How To Overcome The Clutch Car Clutch Weight and Hard
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How To Overcome The Clutch Car Clutch Weight and Hard

How to overcome the clutch pedal, for those of you who have vehicles, especially car vehicles, you must have experienced a clutch problem in your car. Especially on the clutch pedal of your car that suddenly hard and heavy. This is very often experienced by car users with manual transmission. If this happens you will feel uncomfortable, not to mention if you are stuck with a jam. You can feel the stiff legs because they have to often play the clutch pedal of your car hard. In addition you feel the stiffness in your legs then other dangers will also arise as if you are not focused or your concentration decreased while driving the car.

Concentration is the most important thing when driving because if you lack concentration can happen things – things that are not in want. Of course things like this is a very thing and must be avoided. So if you experience a clutch pedal then here will be explained how to solve the clutch pedal easily as follows.

In view of experience if your car clutch is heavy and hard, it is not necessarily your clutch car’s clan is exhausted or already thin. But there are many other factors that can cause your clutch pedal to have problems so that your clutch feels hard and heavy when in step on the clutch pedal. It is true if the measurement of the pressure on the clutch pedal can show the figure of 16 kgf and clutch your car is already heavy but if the clutch plate has come down, the condition of the clutch car clutch still has a thick size and if viewed from the history it still has distance of several thousand kilometers after replacing the clutch plate.

hard clutch pedal

How to Overcome Clutch Pedal

With the problems – problems that often occur in the clutch of cars experienced by some vehicles that is with a heavy car clutch if used for driving. Then you also need to know how to solve problems like this that often happen to your car vehicle.

Thin Coupling Plate

For car clutch plate that has started the tips then you can also replace it with a new one, in addition to the clutch plate that makes the clutch pedal becomes hard then the clutch or clutch clutch that is also already thinning it must be replaced with a new one as well. If you ignore this then it will be fatal as well. Clutch plate or clutch that has begun to thin out you can also replace directly with cluth cover that has been a package with release bearing. Why you should replace this because it has its own purpose that is so that will not happen down or rising clutch your car in a fast time.

For example, when your car clutch has slip, then your car clutch plate will be replaced but with the release bearing and cober clutch does not need to be replaced then not far distance bearing your car will also be damaged and then your car clutch will drop like originally. If you can then it will also be better if when your car clutch is down then you just replace the crankshaft seal on the back. The purpose of this change is also the same as the other, so that your car clutch does not go down, especially if your car oil rig is derived from the rear crankshaft.

Because if to replace the rear crankshaft seal then your car must also clutch down. By knowing the location of the seal as your car engine is behind the wheel then there will be difficulties to replace it.

Release Bearing

To overcome the clutch of the next car is to know the causes that occur in the release bearing your car. If you are the owner of a new car that still lay with problems – problems that often occur in your new car vehicle. Coupling can be problematic even though your car is still new. It often happens that the clutch of your new car feels heavy, this can be caused because of the harsh grease of some bearing the launching launch baring on your new car.

Especially if you often do like the following thing that is putting your feet on the clutch pedal of your car so that will speed up the thirst of your car from the sun of your car clutch and there is iron powder arising from the consequences of this sun so it will be attached to the bearing of the car bearing release you Use. And if this happens then you can directly overcome it, how to overcome this then you directly, just spray into your car with anti-rust liquid. Spraying is done but do not overdo it, spraying on the pads with no rolling down clutch but can be through the rubber boot in the clutch fork.

Doing spraying can not be done by yourself, but you can ask for help to others. The other person can help you to press your car clutch pedal repeatedly. This is done so that the dirt in it that causes inhibiting the movement of the clutch can be in the release bearing to disappear. So that your car clutch that was heavy before it will turn into light.

Car Cars Clutch Cause

You should also know what makes your clutch heavy when you use to drive. Especially if you want to step on the clutch and clutch feels hard, it will make you uncomfortable in driving. So below are some of the causes of your car clutch being heavy and hard:

  • Dropped clutch plates
  • Greasing or thirsty lubricant

Greasing that has dried and also wear powder then the clutch plate will also experience wear and tear per sun that also attaches to the slide launch bearing seat and in a long time will also erode the holder so that it can result in the thin surface and the surface will not be flat to make releasing the bearing will move like pushing the diaphragm in the clutch of your car in an inclined position and the clutch will harden if in force.

Coupling Diagnosis Weight

1. Clutch Plate Thinning

If your car’s clutch plate is already thinning out, and thinning due to wear and tear then the shape of your car’s spring diaphragm or the spring springs will look convex and point out. Why the diaphragm can be swelled outwards will result in power that will be released later will be used to push the diaphragm also more so if the clutch pedal in the foot will feel heavy.

2. Greasing Mengeras

If the greasing of your car or the lubricant in the car bearing holder position begins to harden and also adds the dust powder on the clutch plate of your car attached to the launching pad releasing bearing occurs it will inhibit the movement of your car, which inhibits the release bearing and this will cause your car clutch to become hard. Hard clutch pedal will be felt when you will start to step on the clutch pedal.

Component Prices Coupling

If you want to replace your car spare part that has been down clutch then you can prepare budget first. Below is a budget range that you should prepare, because each store will have a different price – different as well.

  • The price of the car clutch plate is approximately 500,000 IDR
  • Price Clutch Cover car whose price is around 500.000 IDR
  • Relay car around 200.000 IDR
  • Price Rear Seal Crankshaft approximately 250,000 IDR

Keep in mind that the price above is the estimated price so you can prepare a budget to replace the components that are in your car. Given the price range will also help you to save and replace it on time before your car is damaged. Here is how to overcome the clutch pedal and also what causes the broken clutch pedal so you can be more vigilant in the health of your car. Because if the problem in let your car will be more and more also experience the problem.

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