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How To Fill Freon On A Car Air Conditioner With Its Easy Stages
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How To Fill Freon On A Car Air Conditioner With Its Easy Stages

How to charge freon on the car ac less good, will be one cause of the car ac not cold. Freon charging process can also be done independently at home. This is very appropriate to help save expenses and can take advantage of existing budgets for other more important needs.

How to Charge Freon Car Ac

The abundance of human populations and uncontrollable car production makes ac maintenance care increasing. Because at this time indeed the existence of ac is needed by the community in general along with the times. So for charging freon ac car alone can be used as a promising business field.

Indeed how to charge freon can not be done carelessly and requires special techniques. For those of you who choose to fill their own quiet, the most important thing is willing and also the intention to learn it, I am sure you can. In this article I will discuss about how to fill the freon ac car that will be reviewed more deeply, let us refer together below – the explanation below:

car freon ac car

1. Car Cleaning Acid Overall

Before refilling the expired freon, it would be nice to clean all the acnya first. In order to obtain good results and ac work. Regular cleaning is one of the best ways to treat. Also read about how to fix gs dry car battery.

2. Empty the Freon Car First It Remains

How to charge the next freon ac car is to empty the freon. Freon evacuation process needs to be done before deciding to start recharging with new freon. Not recommended to directly fill it without emptying the freon first. Old Freon with new freon if mixed may cause problems. So understand the process well.

The way you need to do is to close the valve manifold gauge first. Then connect the manifold gauge directly with the red hose section through the groove to the nipel that has a high enough pressure. Then there is also a blue hose on the low-pressure nipel and green hoses through the grooves to the vacuum pump.

3. New Freon Filling Process

If everything is installed properly and correctly, you can start to open one of the valves on the manifold. Next you can turn on the vacuum pump part. Take a good look at the size listed in the vacuum gauge section until it points to a number of approximately 600mmHg (23.62 inHg, 80 kPa).

Continue by opening the other side of the manifold valve so that the vacuum you turn on earlier can work more effectively and efficiently as it will work on both sides. Refer to the number assigned to the vacuum gaugenya. Then you can ensure that the running system is completely clean from the air, steam or water. The ideal number indicates 750 mmHg (29.53 in Hg; 99.98 kPa).

This process takes about 30 minutes, so you can keep the vacuum pump on for up to 30 minutes. After that, you can close both parts of the manifold valve before deciding to start turning off the vacuum pump. When you have closed the two valve manifold parts, give the time interval approximately 15 minutes and do not forget to make observations on the numbers pointed to the meter. In case of significant degradation process, there is a leak in your car air conditioner system.

Best Freon Recommendation

To determine which freon is good and suitable for your car, do not choose only in terms of cheapness only. But you need to consider other things like the impact that may occur and also pay attention to quality. Because quality will not make you disappointed and it is definitely good to use for your ac. I have the best recommendations that you can make as one option to recharge freon. For that you can see the explanation below:

  • Freon R 134 A Merk Klea

Freon R 134 brand klea is my first recommendation product. Type this one is indeed one type that offers more expensive price compared with other types. But you do not have to worry, because it is this type one quality is no doubt. The advantages possessed by this freon type is freon with 100 percent pure material type R 134 A without mixed materials and it does have a pretty cool effect.

In general, the market price of charging by using the type of freon is not much different from other freon type brands, so you do not have to worry. If you want cheaper, then you can refill independently. Also read about how to choose anti carat paint.

  • Freon R 134 A Merk Refrigerant

Furthermore there is a type of freon R 134 A brand refrigerant that I see is widely used by car workshops in general. When viewed in terms of price is also not too expensive, depending on each – each workshop. For that you can do freon refills in the workshop that is already famous and many people use it. It can be ascertained in terms of price will not pegnya with a price that is too high. Although the price is not too expensive, the quality offered is guaranteed.

It can be concluded that the article on how to fill the freon ac car above that reviewed in detail and packed with interesting, hopefully later can help you to learn and understand deeper. So that later you may be made as a reference material while learning and add new insights for you. Until here first yes this article that discusses how to charge freon ac car. Hopefully useful for my friend and thank you for taking a little time to read my article.

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