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Easy Way to Clean the Car’s Velg: Chrome and Aluminum
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Easy Way to Clean the Car’s Velg: Chrome and Aluminum

Velg on the car is one of the target targets for those of you who have hobby modifications, because the inherent wheels of the factory are quite ordinary and less attractive. So you are willing to dig deep pockets to modify according to the latest model of your wishes. Models, materials and size alloy wheels are very varied in the market, you can choose the standard car alloy wheels, classic car alloy wheels models to racing car wheels.

But from a variety of models of car wheels require extra care to keep looking shiny like new. Dirty car wheels and crusty is not good to the eye, but the age of your car wheels are still relatively new but looks rusty like used wheels. You will surely be annoyed if the stain on the wheels of your car hard to clean with water and soap alone.

How to Caring for and Cleaning the Car VelgCauses of stubborn stains on the wheels of your car are varied, such as due to uncertain weather changes from exposure to rain water to the sun’s heat, or due to exposure to dust and dirt that are not immediately cleaned so as to cause rust and fungus. Then how to clean stains and rust on the car wheels? You do not need to worry here are some tips that will help solve your problem on how to clean and care for alloy wheels of various types and models of alloy wheels.

Rims Car With Chrome

Chrome-coated car wheels are very attractive, because the color is shiny and look more cool. But this type of car wheels are very vulnerable to rust, so you should painstaking care. The following materials can be used to clean the rust on chrome type wheels:

1. Using Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is an easy material to find, and it can help clean chrome from rust, as for the following steps:

  • First, wash dirty and rusty wheels using water and car wash soap, if stains are still sticking can add a little vinegar or brine.
  • Rub fine aluminum foil on the surface of the rim in a reverse direction slowly and slowly, providing strong pressure for thick rusted wheels. Do not forget to wet the aluminum foil with plain water or salt water to make it more effective.
  • Then if it is felt rust has disappeared from alloy wheels, wash alloy wheels clean using clean water with soap.
  • Wipe the surface of the velg using a dry cloth or tissue until completely dry because if it is still wet the rims will rust again.

2. Using Toothpaste

The content contained in toothpaste can remove the crust on chrome type material, follow the following ways:

  • Clean the surface of rusted car wheels with clean water, then wipe the surface to dry.
  • Prepare a white toothpaste, then apply on the entire surface of rusted car wheels evenly. Wait for a while until half dry but do not let it dry.
  • Rub the surface of the wheels that have been given toothpaste using a clean dry cloth to clean and see the results.

Aluminum-Made Car Rims

Alloy Wheels (AW) aluminum wheels are made of aluminum and nickel alloys so the weight is lightweight but sturdy. Because of its light weight makes the car can move with agility. But for the treatment of aluminum alloy wheels are also more difficult if you want to stay more durable, let’s look at the following tips:

1. Using Soda Drinks

As you know, carbonated drinks have a high acidity to knock out rust. Here are tips that you can follow to clean the aluminum alloy wheels:

  • Wash the surface of aluminum alloy wheels until clean do not forget to add a little soap to remove stains attached, after cleaning the surface cloth using a cloth to dry.
  • The next step, pour the soft drink into the surface of rusted wheels, and let stand for 20 minutes.
  • Then scrub the surface using a soft dish sponge slowly until the rust fall off the rim.
  • Rinse with clean water and then dry.

2. Using Waterproof Sandpaper

In addition to using soft drinks above, you can do the following ways that can also remove rust effectively. How are the steps? Let’s look carefully:

  • Prepare a waterproff sandpaper that has a low level of roughness or the most subtle, so as not to cause berets on wheels.
  • Glue the surface of the rim and flush with water to help smoothing the rub, you can also apply soap dab to clean.
  • Scrub the blackened surface as it is rusted until smooth and shiny.
  • Once you feel glossy you can clean it with clean water, and do not forget to dry alloy wheels using a dry cloth, to avoid rust.
  • And lastly spray using a special liquid polish alloy wheels to look shiny like new.

How To Eliminate Scratches On A Car Wheel

Scratches on the wheels of the car often happens because when you drive a car on the road to meet the road terrain full of rocks and sand so that the surface of your car wheels and traces. You do not need to buy a new car wheel again or do repainting, just buy a compound course you can conjure the scratched wheels become smooth. How to clean it is:

  • Previously you have to clean the velg using clean water
  • After that use kanebo to dry
  • Apply a little compound on the surface of the scratched wheels only
  • Rub using a dry cloth until the scratched disappears
  • Repeat until the wheels gloss again.

Here are some ways you should do if you want to clean the car etched on the wheels. With an easy way and without spending a large fee, alloy wheels you have like new again.

Simple Way to Take Care of the Car Vehicles

From several ways to clean the wheels of the car above that you can follow according to your type and needs, here is available a simple way of caring for the car wheels to be more durable and not easily rusty.

  • Rainwater and puddle floods are very vulnerable to corrosion on wheels, so from that immediately clean your car after exposure to rain and flooded, because the water is very dirty and do not let floods dry out. The right way is to clean using soapy water until clean, then dry using a kanebo and dry cloth.
  • Stubborn stains on wheels are annoying, but do not eliminate them using gasoline, because the compounds in gasoline and wheels will cause rust. To avoid using special liquids to clean the velg layer of quality available in the market.
  • When car wheel wash, use a fine sponge and avoid the use of abrasive brush to keep the rim from the scratches.
  • And last as a protector of dirt and dust on the wheels of the car, use a coating of wax to coat the car wheels that also serves to facilitate you when cleaning the wheels of dirt and dust.

How to clean and maintain the car wheels above you can make reference to solve the problem on your car wheels, in addition to keeping the velg remain durable, sturdy, and shiny but also save the budget for replacement of new wheels and re-coating on the wheels of your car. Perform maintenance on your wheels at least 6 months for maximum results. Hopefully the above article can be useful for you.

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