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Easy Way: Set Car Air Conditioning Thermostat
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Easy Way: Set Car Air Conditioning Thermostat

How to set a car ac thermostat and how to repair a car ac compressor requires special knowledge in order not to damage other components. Indeed, car ac can not be handled carelessly, especially without more knowledge. But for you beginners and have no expertise or knowledge not to worry. You can learn by asking your friends, neighbors, or relatives to get information about the problem and also the right way of handling.

Moreover now to get information is not difficult with the development of technology, especially the digital world. You can browse by utilizing the internet. There you have the opportunity to get all the required information.

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How to Set Car Air Conditioning Thermostat

To make adjustments, you should not behave roughly on the ac components later. Such bad habits will precipitate damage to the ac itself. Once you understand how the process and the right stages, do it with caution. Prepare all the equipment that may be needed so that later easier when the handling process is done. Also note the parts that you started off, like bolts or other components. Store in one place to speed up the work.

Knowledge of car engine components is also needed, so later when you are driving and suddenly there is a problem, then you can do the right handling so that even worse conditions can be resolved very well. Seeing the number of cars today and the changing lifestyle of people who tend to follow the times, certainly no longer want a car that is not equipped with air conditioning. Uncooled cars in it will make you look out of date.

Surely you do not want not to be said to be outdated? Well if you decide to buy a car that has been equipped with a cooler in it, try to learn things – things related to it. Because someday you will definitely experience problems that make you confused if it does not equip themselves with the necessary knowledge – basic knowledge. No need to be an expert, the most important can provide the first handling is more than enough. In this article I will discuss about how to set the car ac thermostat to be reviewed more deeply, let us refer together below – the explanation below:

1. Setting Uncooled Thermostat

Before doing this one point you should first understand how to wash a car ac. If you want to set or reset the condition of the thermostat where the temperature is not cool, then you can find the bolt part where the temperature setting. Perform half circle rotation in reverse direction from clockwise.

Then try to feel whether the temperature produced has started to feel cold or not. If the temperature is still less cold, then you can repeat again to perform a semicircle as the previous process. Then please to try it continuously until it feels enough and get the temperature you want. But if you have done the process and still not cold, it means the condition of the thermostat is not good. You should take it to the workshop to get the right handling and solution.

Well this is the use of special funds that you must provide. When the situation is less friendly due to damage to the ac thermostat, then you are not confused with the money that must be spent to repair the car to the garage. Because I have often warned that if you decide to buy a private car, it must know the consequences. For example, unexpected expenses for repairs. So let me remind you to set aside some money as a special budget for unfriendly circumstances.

2. Adjusting the Thermostat Does Not Want to Break the Flow Into the Compressor Section

How to set the next thermostat is to rotate the bolt part of the temperature setting following the clockwise direction of about half a circle. If the temperature conditions have met the conditions but still can not decide the current, then you can do the repetition of the settings until it really can decide the current.

Do not be bored – bored to do the repetition of the playback steps so that the results can be obtained in accordance with your wishes. Then if the playback process on the bolt has been stuck but can not break the current as well, it means most likely to occur a leak in the liquid mercury.

The thing you should do as a way to give first aid is to simply replace the old thermostat with a new thermostat. Perhaps this decision can be said as the last solution in terms of handling on the thermostat especially for this point.

3.Adjusting the Too Thermostat

In order to increase the pause time required by the compressor engine at the off time by rotating the pause bolt (usually called the differential bolt) is half-turn until the ideal break time is approximately 10 minutes. If the condition of the thermostat is allowed to run fast for long periods of time, will make it work very hard and it certainly can trigger the occurrence of damage to other parts that are connected directly to this section.

For that, you must know things like this in order to know early with armed with knowledge, even if it is just basic knowledge. At least it can help you a bit in sensitivity with the various problems that hit your personal car. It can be concluded that the article on how to set the car ac thermostat that has been reviewed above in detail and packaged well is expected to help facilitate you in learning and understanding it more deeply so worthy of being used as a reference source.

Up here first yes this article that discusses on how to set the car ac thermostat. Hope it can be useful for my friend and thank you for taking a little time to read my article. See you in other articles.

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