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4 Ways to Wash Car Ac On Each Component
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4 Ways to Wash Car Ac On Each Component

How to wash car ac and how to charge freon ac car is actually not difficult, most importantly you want to learn it well and recognize the various characteristics of the car ac itself. Need care that is not cheap, make you have to set aside its own budget. For that to be more economical and minimize expenditure, you can do the washing independently. If it can be done alone why use a service shop or any service person to do it.

How to Wash Car Ac

Laundering car ac can indeed be done independently, but you must pay attention to the stages – the right stage. In the case of disassembly, you can see the manual book to avoid fatal errors and cause damage to other ac components. Even rough-handed treatment will have a great chance of damaging your car’s ac permanently. The intention originally wanted to clean and also save, because the less good treatment of handling can actually make the car ac be damaged.

I suggest familiarize in asking first if it does not understand, you can also look for references from various sources such as books or internet. Nowadays to get information is not difficult, so just stay just trying to try or not. In this article I will discuss about how to car wash ac will be reviewed more deeply, let us refer together below – the explanation below:

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1. Make sure the car engine is in a state of death

Before car wash your car ac starting dirty, you should turn off the car engine first. This is done to avoid adverse events that may occur. Although you have cleaned on the outside, that alone is not enough to keep the overall hygiene conditions down to the inside parts.

For that it is necessary to wash to ensure cleanliness so that ac can work properly again. That way your health is also awake because the air emitted ac car is completely clean.

Dust is inhaled by breathing continuously and settles in the lungs, will cause respiratory system itself. Of course everyone does not want such bad things happen to him and family. Family health is the most important thing, so it should take precedence.

2. Open the Filters section Ac Cars

Next you can search the ac filter cover section and release everything. Do not forget to find also the ac air line. If you find it difficult you can find in the manual book because there is a detailed explanation of the parts of the car ac. In general, both parts are located in the glove box, but some cars are located differently. When you start opening the filter cover, do very carefully to avoid damaging the component from ac.

Apply the filter slowly, then check carefully. If the condition is very apprehensive because the dirt accumulates very much, more baika you change it. Prepare spray cans that will be used to help clean up. Do not forget to shake it first before use. Next tuck the spray can hose spray into the blower part of the ac. This is done to ensure that foam in the can can be directed to the blower without any problems.

3. Setting Process of Car Ac

If you are sure that spray is ready for use, then you can start to start the car engine. Then open all the parts of ac fenilation and all the windows so that later the dirt can come out through the window glass. Perform ignition also on the blower that is behind the passenger, if there is indeed. Continue by setting the temperature ac. Position the ac temperature at the coolest temperature conditions and also the blower in the fastest conditions.

Why is this mandatory? by using the coolest temperature and the fastest blower, later after spray is sprayed, the dust will quickly come out due to a strong stroke or pressure. On the contrary if the ac is not cold and low blower, the dirt sprayed on ac is difficult to lose.

4. Apply Cleanser

The next process you can start to spray the cleaning spray. At the time of the spraying process, finish the foam directly in the can, to maximize the cleaning process. During the spraying process, there will be droplets from the car ac. But the condition is normal – normal course, so you do not have to worry anymore. After the spraying process is complete, you can clean up the remaining droplets by using a soft dry cloth cloth.

The correct spraying process, it will create a cool air atmosphere, because the condition sudan clean. If the air still does not feel cold, maybe spraying you do not quite right. I suggest to do it one more time and make sure all the tools are installed correctly.

Then when everything is done, you just let the car engine on, blower in the fastest conditions, ac in the coldest conditions for about 10 to 15 minutes so that dirty air can come out. Then the stools that are still there can drip through the drain hose ac to the bottom. It can be concluded that the article on how to wash the car above the car detailed and packed with interesting, it is expected later can help facilitate you in studying and understand it more deeply.

So that later you may be made as a reference material while learning and add new insights for you. Up here first yes this article that discusses how to wash car ac. Hopefully useful for my friend and thank you for taking a little time to read my article.

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