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4 Tips Guide to Choosing a Car Matic Used Important
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4 Tips Guide to Choosing a Car Matic Used Important

Currently buying used cars can be an alternative solution for those of you who want to have a car at an affordable price but the condition of the car remains good and prime. But buying a used car is not an easy thing especially if you do not know the car more deeply. Especially if you want to buy a used car matic, of course it takes further inspection. Moreover, the latest used matic car using advanced technology which requires surgery to the examination using a computer which is to know the condition more deeply. In addition there are some disadvantages of used matic car you need to consider. There are many recommendations of the cheapest and best matic car you can choose. But previously it is important for you to know tips on choosing the best used car matic for you.

1. Pay attention to Transmission Oil Parts

The first thing you need to do in choosing the best used matic car is to pay attention to the condition of the transmission oil and related parts. First check the section on the bottom of the transmission and make sure that there is no oil leak. Pay close attention because some cases sometimes the leak is not very visible, just like seepage alone.

Tips Guide to Choosing a Car Matic Used Important

The health condition of this transmission system can also be known from the condition of the transmission oil, so it is important also to pay attention to the condition of the car oil that you will buy. Observe the color, smell and content in the oil. You can use the transmission oil dipstick and pay attention to the condition of the car’s fluid. Normal oil certainly has a normal odor. If the smell is quite sting, then of course the oil in it is contaminated. Even this can also be a sign if the machine requires overhaul. You can learn how to overhaul the car engine easily at home.

2. Do not Forget Checking Indicator Light

Do not forget to check the indicator light on the car. You can check it by turning on the engine first and then try to shift the transmission lever to various positions. Make sure that the indicator lights on the instrument panel match the position on the transmission lever. Also make sure the overdrive light is on when OD button is pressed.

3. Perform a Test Drive

Another way you can do in tips on choosing another used car matic is to test drive. This method will be very effective as a way to check the engine on a used car. There are several things you need to consider in doing a test drive.

  1. Try all the displacement functions on the transmission lever. In the engine condition that is on, brake step on and try to move the transmission lever in all positions. If the car’s condition is normal, then of course the transmission lever can move easily. It will not feel a loud bang when transmitting the transmission.
  2. If there is a loud banging, this could indicate if there is damage to the internal parts of the vehicle. This car of course you should avoid because later on you will need a big cost for the repair of transmission or replacement of components.
  3. Make sure when the transmission does the movement automatically, it will not feel vibration on the car lever. Consider the existing gear position indicator on the instrument panel, whether it matches the actual lever position or not.
  4. Usually you will also feel the lag time when the lever is moved until later to respond. But under normal conditions, usually this time lag does not exceed than 2 seconds.
  5. Automatic transmission systems usually have a tooth ratio. So it would be better to do a test response when driving from all the acceleration.
  6. CVT transmission will not experience gearshift due to 2 pieces of pulle connected to the belt. If you do not feel any subtlety in acceleration, then you can be sure if the transmission system has problems.
  7. Move the lever at position L or 1, then run the car up to 3000 rpm in rotation. If the condition of transmission in a state of normal, then it will not feel excessive vibration.
  8. To test the slip, can be done by driving the car through the streets incline. If it is still normal, of course the slip that happens will be very minimal. If the engine speed but not in accordance with the increase in speed then indicates if the transmission system has a slip which causes the car matic not powered when climbing a hill.

4. Try Not To Buy Old Technology Matic Cars

Other tips in choosing the right car matic used is to try not to buy a used matic car that still has the old technology. For example, matic car that has an automatic transmission system that does not have a Transmission Control Unit system. This type of matic car relies on mechanical work while shifting gears. So when there is damage will be very inconvenient when looking for a replacement of the spare parts. This is because not necessarily these components are already available in the market.

Well that was some tips on choosing a used matic car that you can use to get the cheapest and best matic car for your vehicle. If you do not know much about the components in the car matic, it would be better to invite someone who is already familiar with the car matic. Hopefully the above information can be useful for you.

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