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3 Tips Caring For The Most Complete Car Light And Its Review
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3 Tips Caring For The Most Complete Car Light And Its Review

As one of the most important components, headlamps or head lamps not only serve to illuminate the road at night but also provide information about the position of your car to other riders. Therefore, in order to keep functioning optimally requires proper care. As with any car engine component, the light component is also very important.

If the performance decreases, will certainly reduce the driving comfort, either caused by the use of bulb with greater electric power, electrical cables began to be disturbed to dewy due to flooding. Damage to the reflector or the occurrence of fungus will certainly reduce the transmit power from the bulb.

Maintaining the Mica Section

Tips Caring for the Car Lamp

In this article I will mebahas about tips on car lighting, so that the performance of the car’s lights stay awake well, to work optimally so that the trip becomes comfortable especially at night. Let’s see the following how to take care of the car’s lights:

1. Maintaining the Mica Section

mica headlights outer headlamp often yellow or appear dull. in addition to inhibiting the beam of lights also gives less good effect for the exterior appearance of the car. Looks worn and unsightly. Some of the causes of the lights look dull is in addition to the use of lights that do not conform to the standard specifications recommended by the factory, also because often parking indiscriminate or parking in the open area.

list of tool supplies you need to prepare:

  1. Finely made cotton fabric
  2. Compound, used to polish paint
  3. Dark detergent or cream soap
  4. Smooth T-shirts
  5. Containers to hold water
  6. Towel chamois

The process of cleaning a car light mica:

  • After all the equipment is ready, the next step is to remove the lamp mica from its seat so that the cleaning process can easily reach all parts, especially the inside that is difficult to clean.
  • Use a dense detergent or cream soap to wash all parts of the plastic lamp mica. This cleaning process aims to reduce the fungal spots that stick to the lights. Perform this step repeatedly to ensure the head lamp of your car is clean of fungus. To reach the inside, you can use a shirt / soft cloth to keep all the dirt up perfectly.
  • drain the mica for a while in the sun. It aims to see the scratches on the lamp mica.
  • Selanjutnya, oleskan kompon pada permukaan mika. Gosok permukaan mika dengan cara memutar ke kanan berulang menggunakan kain halus. Hindari memutar terlalu keras, hal ini berpotensi merusak head lamp mobil anda.
  • If the light mica scratches on the car look severe enough, you can use paper sandpaper mixed with water. Then gently rub the surface of the mica. Avoid rubbing the surface of mica for too long, this will cause thinning in mica. So, you have to be careful as well as careful yes?
  • The last process after doing the above steps is to wash the car light using a concentrated detergent and rinse thoroughly. Then lap using a chamois cloth to avoid fine berets during the drying process.
  • Replace the lamp mica on the car holder properly.

In addition to the way above another easier way to remove the dull effect that is you can use a special polish or wax mica lights are sold in car care shops. Its use is quite easy and can be done alone. But if the yellowing effect is still on the inner side of the mica, it would be nice if the car was taken to the lamp specialist workshop.

2. Caring for a Dewy Lamp

This problem arises from the entry of water into the headlamp. This is likely to happen when you hit a flood or wash the car with pressurized water when the sealer between mica and reflector starts to brittle.

Here are some things you should recognize the cause of a damp car lamp:

  1. Differences in air temperature, the first cause is due to differences in air temperature inside and outside.This temperature difference that usually causes the light of your car to condense.
  2. The existence of a slit hole, if left then this gap will be the cause of the entry of water.
  3. Rubber on the torn socket bulb.
  4. The adhesive on the lights fits less.

How to clean the damp car lamp, you must remove the head lamp first. You simply wipe it through the bulb holes by using a microfiber cloth that has been tied with a small wooden stick. You can also open your car bulb. In addition you can also grab a hairdryer and heat the air in the lights and you should also watch the temperature do not get too hot because it could also headlamp your car even broken.

This will remove the moisture inside your car’s headlamp. Next you can replace the bulb of your car and you also have to make sure that there is no gap though only small that can be used for in and out of air. You can also grease with silicon around a small gap that can be entered by air. So are some things you can recognize the cause of damp car lamps and caramengatasinya. Hopefully useful and helpful.

3. Caring for the Electricity

Although the replacement of lamp cables is rarely done, but when it has reached the age limit use, make sure the electrical installation is done well. Make sure the connection is seamlessly connected. Its function is to avoid short-circuit or short circuit. For maximum results it would be nice if you check electrical conditions to the workshop.

The problem is very small but if you ignore there will be a fatal problem as well. The car is the main component that exists on your car. You should pay attention to the health of your car as well. Especially if your car is often in use to go far. You can follow the tips that already existed above, easy tips and fruitful results. In addition it will also minimize you to spend the budget.

It would be nice before we do the cleaning of the car lights, we first identify the causes of problems that exist in the car lights. With care done periodically it will extend the life of the car’s lights. So this article I made, Thank you and happy to read.

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