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2018 Daihatsu Ayla Price List
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Last UpdateFebruary, 2019
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2018 Ayla Price List :

Here is the price list of daihatsu ayla. The prices contained in the following price table are prices that are subject to change without notice. Check the price of the car daihatsu ayla before buying. If you want to buy a ayla car through lease, there is no harm if you try to calculate the credit calculation through the application we provide. Calculate ayla car loan now.

daihatsu ayla specs

AYLA AYLA D MT MI Rp 92,550,000,-
AYLA AYLA D PLUS MT MI Rp 104,750,000,-
AYLA AYLA M MT MI Rp 109,050,000,-
AYLA AYLA M AT MI Rp 118,050,000,-
AYLA AYLA M SPORTY MT MI Rp 122,350,000,-
AYLA AYLA M SPORTY AT MI Rp 131,550,000,-
AYLA AYLA X MT MI Rp 116,400,000,-
AYLA AYLA X AT MI Rp 125,450,000,-
AYLA AYLA X DELUXE MT MI Rp 123,750,000,-
AYLA AYLA X DELUXE AT MI Rp 132,800,000,-
AYLA AYLA AIRBAG X MT MI Rp 120,000,000,-
AYLA AYLA AIRBAG X AT MI Rp 129,050,000,-
AYLA NEW AYLA 1.2 X MT Rp 125,250,000,-
AYLA NEW AYLA 1.2 X AT Rp 135,250,000,-
AYLA NEW AYLA 1.2 R MT Rp 132,250,000,-
AYLA NEW AYLA 1.2 R DELUXE MT Rp 136,250,000,-
AYLA NEW AYLA 1.2 R AT Rp 142,250,000,-
AYLA NEW AYLA 1.2 R DELUXE AT Rp 146,250,000,-

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